December 7, 2016

A Few Words


Welcome to the Mississipi adventures.

I have been to various parts of the Mississippi River more times than I can count. It started in my youth with a group of my friends. Today, I take my family to the Mississippi almost every other vacation.  The attractions of the river are so many such that I have gone to very few places twice. The few places we have revisited, were the places that really intrigued my spouse.  We have a culture whereby we visit a destination in one county every vacation.  My two kids always look forward to the Mississippi vacation, as we call it, especially due to the delicacies of fish that we look forward to. I have never been a big fan of fishing. However, during the Mississippi vacation, we make it a point to fish as a family and compete who will catch the biggest fish. Disappointedly, my wife carries that trophy every time.

My question is, have you been to the Mississippi? If you have, then you know what am talking about. If you haven’t, then you have not witnessed one of the most spectacular adventure there is in the U.S. For all fishing fans, the River is the best bet for you. All the way down to New Orleans, there are numerous fishing spots.  The population of the fishing is so high that you do not have to boat for a long distance before you catch fish. The river tributaries to the Mississippi also offer excellent fishing spots for the catfish.  Summer is the best period to go for the fishing vacation. The population of the fish is at its highest. However, Catfishing is best in winter. It is also important to check on the river report so as to know the level of the water before going for fishing in either of the dams and lakes. This is because, sometime the level of the water is so high that it overflows the gates of the locks and the dams.

For the people who love a nicely prepared fish, this is the place to visit. The supply of the fish is high and as such there are numerous hotels which offer fish delicacies. Some of these hotels have operated in these areas for over several decades. This means that they have perfected their art of cooking fish. Other hotels are just next to the lakes and the river. This gives one an incredible, relaxing view of the flowing waters.

One enjoys their vacation by fishing, traveling white sightseeing, camping, swimming in the parks and so on. One can benefit from the view of the river using the Riverboat, steamboats and cruise liners depending on which part of the river you are in.  The River is also used not recreation, but also for traveling, transporting food supplies using cargo ships and for fisheries and wildlife conservation.

Some of the parks along the river include the Grand Isle State Park which is in the lower region of the delta, the Yazoo National Wildlife Refuge, The Delta Region in Lower Mississippi, and the Maiden Rock Bluff Natural Area which is famous for fishing, biking and bird watching.

Make it a point to learn more about this region and plan for a vacation.