Catfish, Mississippi Delta

July 30, 2019

Major Attractions In Mississippi Delta

The home of blues and the heart of Rock n’ Roll, the Mississippi Delta should be on the list of must visit places for any American who has the wanderlust in them. From museums to national parks, from historical monuments to farms, Mississippi hosts a rich cultural heritage that can imbibe the true American sense in any visitor.

But if you are unsure about how to make the best of your visit there, here is a list of a few great sights that you should definitely not miss out on.

BB King Museum

Located in the small town of Indianola, this museum hosts everything that a music fan would love to see. Learn about the rich history of the blues and how it developed from the banks of the Mississippi and spread to all corners of the world. You also get to read about the electrifying personality that was BB King and get to see some of his personal memorabilia that is available only to this museum.

Vicksburg National Park

For all nature lovers this is the best place to spend a quaint afternoon taking in the sights and smell of nature that is forever lost to the city life. It is also a historical point in the civil war and you will come across a lot of war memorabilia. The place is currently maintained by the military and thus you can always expect it to be in the best of shape.

Grammy Museum

While everyone takes a visit to the Gammy Museum situated in Los Angeles, the one in the delta region is also quite a spectacle. They also hold regular sessions of live music and cultural exchanges which can be a great learning factor. You can also spend the evening at the Mississippi Music Bar situated right next door and enjoy your dinner with some blues in the background.

The Crossroads

While there is nothing exactly to see here that points towards historical depth, this is the crossroad of the mythical exchange of the soul of Robert Johnson with the devil. This is necessarily where the blues first touched this earth and this should definitely be on your visit list. And even though you will not get to see anything in particular, the locals can always indulge you in great tales about the myths that relate to the blues culture.

Catfish Row Children’s Art Park

Travelling with kids who are bored of all the historical sightseeing? This children’s park has a water theme and features a great deal of children’s art. It is important to let your children enjoy a trip as well, and this will be the perfect pit stop to ensure that they get their fair share of fun off the road. You can also leave them with the guide while you take a quick trip to the country tavern.

Dockery Farms

Visiting the Mississippi Delta means getting to see the historical farms from where the blues and salve rebellions were born. One such place is the Dockery farms, where legends such as Charlie Patton worked while crafting his tunes. The farm is a historical sight as well as the perfect place for nature lovers. And since you are probably looking to stay off the concrete, walking amidst the rural roots of Mississippi will definitely be a great part of your trip to look back on.

Pure Taboo HQ

PureTaboo - World of PerversionMissed your trip to headquarters of Pure Taboo series? Nothing is lost, mate – head to the online division of the series and enjoy the latest of the most twisted and craziest episodes in world of total perversion. Pure Taboo seem to be a very popular series in Mississippi and there is no doubt you should see and judge it yourself. Be advised, it’s very hardcore.

Remember to visit these places when you hit the Mississippi Delta, and if you can’t make it to all of them then use this list to plan out your trip properly depending on what your interests are.