Fishing, Mississippi Delta

February 15, 2017

Learn How To Catch Catfish In the Mississippi

Fishing of Catfish in the Mississippi region has been underutilized. Therefore, there are plenty of various types of catfish.  The common catfish you are likely to get into the Mississippi include the channel catfish, the flathead catfish and the blue catfish. The freshwaters are the favorite habitat for these catfish

Catfish Gear

Before heading out for your fishing trip ensure that your fishing gear is quality enough to help you catch the large trophy catfish. It can be disappointing when you lose a big fish because the gear is poor quality. Therefore,  make sure the rod is at least seven inches and strong enough. The longer the rod the easier it it to catch the large catfish since it gives one much more control. However, ensure that the rod isn’t too heavy and has some bit of flex.  If you are targeting channel catfish which is smaller in size,  a 12lb test line will be adequate. But if you are targeting the big catfish ensure to have at lest a 20lb test fishing line. Make sure to use high visibility lines since they are easy to see the action at the bite.

When and When to locate Catfish

Most people believe that Catfishing is most productive at night. Contrary, Catfishing cat be done both during the day and at night. However, it is important to not where catfish are located in the course of the river. One can use the sonar to identify where the catfish is populated.

The experienced catfishermen report that the catfish are usually populated at the point of the river where the current of the water seems to flow opposite to the rivers.These areas usually have foam and debris circulating or flowing upwards. Other areas include the creeks, humps , river channels and drop offs It is also good to know that catfish is a heavy feeder. Therefore, it will go where there is  food.


One can use the slip sinker rig for fishing any kind of catfish. One can also use the slip floaters to ease in adjustment of the bait.  When starting out you can use drifting. This is where you cast the baits out one side of the boat and let the wind drift the boat. However, if you are targeting a particular location in a river, it would be advisable to find a way to halt the boat. This can be by tying it to a nearby rock or tree.

The catfish loves covers and structure. The structure where rivers join form perfect places for the catfish. Some experience anglers advise that most catfish is found at the bottom of a river depth or in holes. Therefore, before casting your baits, pay keen attention to the location you are intending to fish.

In conclusion, Mississippi is populated withy catfish. Therefore, even a novice can not take long before landing their fast fish. However, for a beginner it is advisable to use small baits to catch smaller catfish. However, for the more experience anglers, use the big circular hooks to catch a trophy catfish.