Mississippi Delta

January 20, 2017

Fishing Destination Along the Mississipi Delta

The Mississipi delta is the seventh largest delta in the world. It covers a region of eleven counties whereby it has largely contributed to the economy of the counties through fishing.  The oxbow lakes that are scattered in the county provide ideal areas for fishing and other activities such as boating. Some of the fish found in the area include bass, bream, crappie and other pieces. The numerous rivers in this region include Yazoo, Sunflower, Yalobusha and Tallahatchie provide excellent fishing grounds for catfish.

Lake Washington

This is one of the natural oxbow lakes in the lower delta. It is famous for its crappie, catfish, Yellow Perch, Bream, largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing.  The lake is surrounded by some cabins that offer boat ramp.  It also has many parks surrounding it including Marina Park, Waverly Park and the old ship museum memorial park. These parks offer numerous fishing piers.

Lake Albemarle

This oxbow lake is also located in the lower Mississipi Delta. This lake was formed during a flood in the year 1913. It is located in Issaquena County and is easily accessible from Highway 465. This lake is famous for fish such as crappie, bass, bream and catfish. Fishing is at its highest when the river is on a slow fall.

Lake BogueHoma

This lake is located in Jones County. It contains a lot of Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Bluegill, Catfish and Redear. The lake has two camping sites. The lake is also surrounded by hotels and joints where one can enjoy cooked fish from the lake.

Sunset Marina

This incredible fishing destination is located on Rock Island. The Rock Island is found in the Illinois part of the Mississipiriver. The island offers ample space for docking of more than four hundred boats.  They also offer to store your boat over winter safely.

Venice Fishing Lodge

The lodge is located in Venice, Louisiana along the Mississippi delta. It provides recreational fishing for the visitors. The commonly found fish include redfish, flounder and speckled.  Venice boasts world class fishing having around 6 miles of the Mississippi river and 400 feet. It provides an incredible fishing experience to the novice, family experience and experienced anglers out for trophy catches.

Lake Lee

This lake is found seven miles of Greenville. It stretches up to ten miles and has no aquatic vegetation. This provides a perfect ground for sport fishing. Most of the fish found in the lake include largemouth bass, striped bass, white bass, crappie, bluegill amongst others. This lake has the largest population of the mentioned species of fish than any other lake in the delta region.  One has access to the Avon Ramp located on the riverside from where the highway is.

Lake Ferguson

This lake is located in  Greenville, NW Washington County.  It has numerous fish species, but the species involved in sport fishing include the white bass, largemouth bass, bream, crappies,  andstripped bass. Other fish species include buffalo, common carp, flathead catfish, green sunfish amongst others. This lake is a major attraction site to both regional and national tournaments.

In conclusion, the Mississippi River is one of the biggest rivers in the world. It is said that adequate efforts have not been put in place to exploit the fish along the river. However, there are many more attraction sites along the river where recreational fishing is carried out.